Testimonial – Jack Shriber and Phyllis Ley

We purchased property near Sedona AZ as a place to retire, except the landscaping, gardening, and house exterior had not been maintained.  Our friends had just had their landscaping done and recommended we contact Joe Villegas Landscaping as they were extremely satisfied with the work they had received.  We called VL and requested an appointment to see if they could do extensive work we needed done to make our landscape the way we wanted it.  Cheryl, VL Field Manager, stopped by and we discussed our general objectives.  She came back the following week with options for the front and back yard which we studied and compared to our initial plans.  Amazingly, the two designs closely coincided and we agreed to work with VL to structure our landscape the way it looked on paper.  Specifically, we wanted fencing around our lot to provide privacy and security.  In the front yard we wanted large plants removed with the area by the front door reserved for a fenced-in patio and gates.  The other portion we wanted it to look like a desert with cacti, etc.  With several workers, a Bobcat tractor, jack hammer and super perception of our goals, VL totally produced and made our space a show place!  First the front yard instead of being weeds, large plants and rubble-looking rocks became a high-desert picture made with a cave with rocks, and standing rocks intermingled with cacti plants across the area.  Also, drain washes were incorporated where needed.


The new patio and stucco wall now make this space one for relaxing in mornings or evenings.


On the side areas, night and day changes were made – with VL removing a privacy wall that had been built on the originally constructed house; upon removal inside and outside became more useable and beautiful.

On the other side, many rocks and plants were not needed.  When removed it led to an open area for the dog to use and a view of our scenic back yard.


The back yard was a wonder to make useable.  Consisting of a sloping area of desert weeds, bedrock and open area to vacant lots plus large trees hanging over the property made a challenging design to result in our desire to have three separate and distinct southwest flavored areas.  BUT, to our surprise VL again came across!  The back yard is now the most elegant part to see.  It has a grass plant setting with a rock bench and rock path in the left on a mound. In the center area colorful plants, large standing rocks, river rock washes are under a wind rhythm centerpiece – all on another mound.  On a third mound area surrounded by standing rocks are California natives – redwood tree and blue grass plant.  Lastly a three-tiered area of potted plants highlight the space in front of the California natives.  Uniquely, the back yard has become a sanctuary to many birds: quail, humming birds, cardinals, blue birds, and others.

The whole VL crew worked as a team and consistently interfaced with us to ensure the final product was what we wanted.  Some changes were required, but Joe Villegas always willingly and calmly redid a few things, which led to the perfect setting.  We could not have chosen anyone better to make our home and landscape a place we enjoy every day!

Sincerely, Jack Shriber and Phyllis Ley