Testimonial – Gayle Taylor

“I undertook a large project to build a sculptural adobe and metal sculpture wall in 2008 and hired Joe at Villegas Landscape to work with me on creating a natural “feel good” environment for my new world. Joe visited the project site numerous times to understand the eco system that was being created and to also translate my vision into a cool reality. We called the project my “fairyland” as I wanted to bring colorful accents that would integrate with my native trees and plants. Joe is a good listener and immediately “got” what I wanted but also promoted creating a sustainable world of nature that was drought tolerant and good for the environment. You can see from some of the images that he was very successful and it is hard to tell what was here and what was planted. I love my “fairyland” and highly recommend Joe as a great person to work with on a project — be it small or large in scope. Give him some artistic freedom and see the wonderful landscape that he will create for you.”

Gayle Taylor